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I finally tried Youngevity’s Beyond Osteo-FX Powder for the first time.  It’s a winner!

I used the liquid form of Osteo-FX up until the new powder version came out. I must say… I wasn’t the biggest fan of the taste of the old liquid version.  The brand new powder-form tastes amazing!  It is a definite improvement.

The taste is tropical vanilla, which is mildly fruity with creamy and not overly sweet vanilla in the forefront.  The directions say to mix one scoop with water and enjoy.  You can do this once or twice daily.  You can also make a “double” with two scoops and just a bit more water.

I suggest that you sip this drink rather than guzzle it.  This is the same way I drink Beyond Tangy Tangerine.  I drink it slowly and steadily throughout the day, so as to better absorb the minerals and vitamins over time.

Within a few days of adding Beyond Osteo-FX Powder to my daily regimen, I noticed reduced pain in my knees.  This is typically where I experience the most pain and stiffness.  My diet is rather calcium deficient, so taking this supplement is definitely helping me a lot.

The powder form of Beyond Osteo-FX tends to clump a little bit.  I recommend a good stir every now and then to make sure the powder is evenly dissolved and distributed throughout the water.

If you’ve tried Youngevity’s Beyond Osteo-FX then let us know by leaving a comment!  Tell us what you think of this product.  If you haven’t tried it, and you think you would like to, then follow this link to check it out in our Secure Youngevity Store.  You will receive the lowest price, which is $42.00.  This is the Preferred Customer rate that saves you 30% off the retail price.

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